Leadership Gold


John Maxwell certified program

Leadership Gold


Professional Development and Leadership Training.



Good leadership always makes a difference. It can turn organizations around and positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals. Leadership is not easy to learn, but what worthwhile thing is? Being a better leader pays dividends, but it takes great effort. Leadership requires a lot from a person. It is both demanding and complex. By learning more about leadership you will make a difference in yourself, and you will make a difference in the lives of others. John C. Maxwell delivers the most valuable lessons he has discovered during 40 years of leading.


The lessons he has spent an entire lifetime mining and now shares are personal and often simple, yet these gold nuggets can have a lasting impact on your leadership style and strategy. Leadership Gold is for anyone who currently leads or aspires to lead. It offers the best of the best and the tried-and-true insights that no one but Maxwell can deliver. With his signature style, Maxwell comes alongside the reader like a mentor, candidly taking them through what feels like a series of one-on-one leadership lessons. If you are a seasoned successful leader, Maxwell’s lessons will serve as reminders and they will help you as you guide potential leaders to also be successful and willing to make a difference.



What you will learn


• How the toughest person to lead is always yourself

• Why you should not send your ducks to eagle school

• How leaders distinguish themselves during tough times

• Why the best leaders are good listeners

• How the secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the meeting

• How to create a legacy worth leaving



Start date: upon request.

Lesson days: 2-day Seminar

Classes: 10am - 4pm

Seminar fee: Awg 975-: included lesson material, beverages and lunch.

You receive a Certificate of Completion for Everybody Communicates Few Connect -a certified seminar of John Maxwell.