Exceptional Customer Service



Leading Loyalty.


This workshop will teach you ways to work easily with others and create a more pleasant environment. You will also learn ways to communicate with customers in person and over the phone...helpful skills for dealing with angry customers...tactics for keeping your composure under stress...and much more.



Who should follow this training?

Workers who deal directly with guests/customers at the counter or at the front desk, Tellers in banks, in offices, shops or in the restaurant business, hotels and casino’s delivery department warehouse attendant.


What do you learn in this training/ workshop?


·      This training offers you the opportunity to acquire or increase insight, know-how and skills in the field of service.

·      The vital role every member of your organization plays in dealing with customers, and the results of poor teamwork.

·      The impact of good service.

·      Quality Service Analysis.

·      How to effectively advice your customers.

·      How to tell the customer bad news.

·      How to handle objections and complaints.

·      To create a strategic plan how to accomplish Service Excellence


How do we work?

The most important characteristic of the course is training. We dedicate 60 % of the workshop to training. Therefore, the results of the workshop are immediately applicable. The next characteristic is attention for every participant. As a consequence we train in groups of maximum 12 people. Needless to say that a professional approach, with the aid of instructional movies, video recordings and work books, forms an integral part of this course.


The duration of this workshop is divided in 5 sessions of 3 hours.


Start date: Upon request

Lesson days: once a week

Classes: 6pm- 9pm

Teaching fees: Awg 875-: included lesson material.


You receive a Certificate of Completion for EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE workshop.