EduMax offers SOLUTIONS on numerous Topics for a diverse target group ranging from Directors, Managers, Supervisors, HR professionals and all employees in general.


What makes EduMax unique?

We are aware of the fact that there are other companies providing trainings, workshops and seminars. That is exactly the reason why we want to highlight the uniqueness of EduMax.

  • Edumax uses the latest in developments of trainings/seminars/workshops
  • EduMax is Certified and Facilitates in different Brands
  • EduMax is Founding Partner of The John Maxwell Team since 2011
  • EduMax is a member the NRTO (Nederlandse Raad voor Training en Opleiding) since 2017. Members of the NRTO stand for quality and professionalism and meet the requirements of NRTO
  • EduMax is the Exclusive Agent of FranklinCovey Global International for the Dutch Caribbean
  • Edumax has a vast experience in Mediation, Mr. Raymond Maxwell himself being a NMI Registered-Mediator

Forming Exclusive partnership with these Global Organizations that spends Millions of dollars and decades of years in research to achieve Excellence in business performance, gives us access to the latest and best in our field and we can offer you Solutions that are of enormously added value to your organization.

We use our uniquely interactive forms of Learning with real integration of the Solution resulting in Blended Learning.

We have a Personal approach to Facilitate in Group dynamics or individual needs, we not only want to Inspire our participant but Transformation and enabling Greatness is our Goal.


We use state of art training material and we provide a professional setting to facilitate our Solutions.

  1. Open Courses with a variety of programs, workshops and masterclasses. The courses are open to all who are interested in growing their knowledge and expertise. All courses are facilitated in our Training-room at EduMax.
  2. Customized 'in-house' Courses, workshops and masterclasses. These Courses are made for your Organization's specific needs. During an assessment intake we will discuss the specific Solutions and the expected outcome.
  3. Certified Courses of Brand names facilitated at EduMax or 'In-house'.